OutSourcing corporate processes is a key subset of outsourcing involving the contracting to a third party service supplier of the activities and roles of particular corporate tasks (or processes). Usually, BPO is classified as outsourcing of back offices, and covers internal corporate operations, such as human personnel, financing, payroll, and outsourcing for front offices.

The BPO will help an enterprise improve its resource management flexibility and reduce response times. When their key employees free themselves from non-central or managerial procedures, the organization will concentrate on their core competences and devote more time and resources in developing core companies of the company.

Accede offers reputable businesses all around the world with high-quality, value-added speech and transactional services. Our team of professionals delivers strategies, ideas and resources for the resolution and achievement of challenging market problems. We provide corporate-focused strategies tails to your strategic priorities by aligning business process outsourcing services together with extensive industry-specific expertise.

Our BPO services provide customers with observable commercial Benefit and Enable :

  • Concentrate on their core business activities
  • Cut down the operational cost
  • Improves levels of efficiency in deliverables
  • Increased returns on investment

We provide the following services to our customers 

  • Customer Support Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Employee IT Help-desk Services
  • Data Entry Services / Data Processing Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Internet / Online / Web Research